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Hey welcome to my about page, you visited this page, then I guess you are fascinated about me but here you might nothing interesting story you are going to read.

My name is Abdul Hasim. I am a student, I am studying in Bachelor Of Business Study. There no are no doubt to understand about my study background. yes, my study background is Business.

let’s come to the main point. On this page, I am going to share with you “how I came into the online business”. this is a turning point in life. when I was a teenager, I was addicted to media like movies, cinema, telefilms. One day I was scrolling on Facebook and I watched a trailer of a Bengali new drama.

As far as I am concerned the name of the drama was “Jaal khur”. By Mosharraf Karim, I guess the Bangladeshi majority of people know him because he is a well-known actor for his fabulous acting. however, He has a huge number of fans in Bangladesh, even India, among them I am a part of them.

However, I watched the whole drama. Wait for a second, here is the main turning point of life, I found. After the drama, one person appears on the screen and starts talking about “outsourcing”.

He was talking about “How to make money online via a computer and from your home”. He was saying, you can earn 50k-100k from the internet. That I was amazed and asked my self “How it is possible?”

After that night, this happens to me at the midnight. However, the next morning I searched on google but I did not understand too much about it because the result comes in English. And the funny thing is, I didn’t understand English very well then. But there has not been much improvement yet.

However, at first, I try to enquire in my native language, but I was disappointed, because, no one published any content about it.

Then I searched on one of the most popular video content platform, yes I am talking about youtube.

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