How to React to Messages on Instagram

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How to React to Messages on Instagram

Nowadays, react is a common thing. From my point of view, it is essential, because we can explain a lot through reaction without writing a reply to a message.

However, if someone sent you a message and you have to react to that message, then just double-tap on the message to give a “love” react. And it is the same procedure for those who use Instagram via computer.

In addition to “Love” react, you can use more reactions. To get those reactions, mobile users tap and hold on to the message to use them. There you may see some reactions such as “HAHA,” “SAD,” “ANGRY react,” and so on. Then select the reaction you want to give.

If you did not see emojis after tapping on the messages, you have to update the Instagram message. To update Instagram messenger, first, go to your profile and click on the option that looks like three-row, then scroll down and find the update messaging option; just click on that option for the update.

After clicking on that option, a window will appear on the screen about new features of the messenger. However, then click update, and it will take a few seconds. When complete updating, go to the person who sent you messages and tap any messages; here is the result you will see.

How to Edit Instagram Reaction as You Wish

If you wish to change the emojis, it is also possible. Simply tap on a message to raise the emojis row; after here, you can see a plus icon, click on the “customize” and replace the emojis as you want.

How to Edit Instagram Reaction as You Wish

First, tap an emoji from the default panel then tap a new symbol from below. If you are satisfied with customization, then click on the tick mark for save.

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How to Download a New Version

If all the points are not going for you, then you have to update your Instagram. Simply go to the play store and update it. Still not working, then uninstall it and download it again from the google play store.

Bottom Line

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